Practicum for Church Leaders Overview

Applying Truth to Leading

A practicum takes what has been learned cognitively to the experiential level.  A practicum for church leaders therefore takes biblical truth about leadership and applies it to actual leading.

Purpose of a Practicum:

So often we read an article of how we should function as leaders or take a course on it but don’t always see how it works out in real life.

  • How does the training apply to the nitty gritties of church leadership?
  • How do church leaders break through with the love of Christ, keeping it about ministry, and not mere management?

Process for Applying Biblical Principles to Practice:

In this particular practicum for church leaders, we will be running issues and tasks leaders typically must get involved with through the grid of the training on this site.

  1. How do we keep true to the leadership basics God laid out in His Word as we accomplish each task?
  2. How will leadership qualities near to the heart of God be demonstrated within the task?
  3. How can we effectively apply the various leadership skills God’s way, not in accordance with the standards of this world, as we perform these tasks?

Particulars of Church Leadership:

Some of the specific tasks that will be run through the grid of biblical truth include the following. Clicking on the links below will take you to a list of posts already published in that category.

Precedence in Scripture for How to Lead:

This practicum may possibly also look at those who have gone before us and how they maintained the right perspective, personhood, and practices as they accomplished various tasks assigned to them.

Participation in the Practicum:

You are invited to participate by commenting on the posts.

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The Train Church Leaders Practicum takes biblical truths presented in the main section of the site and seeks to apply them in actual tasks and settings faced by church and ministry leadership.