Motivation for Coordination

If our greatest purpose as a Church is to love the Lord our God, which Jesus identified as the Greatest Commandment, then all we do with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength should be because of and for Him. If we all remember that, then ministry is no longer about pleasing ourselves, following our own agendas, or appeasing other people. Love for God provides great motivation for doing ministry together in a coordinated way. Why? . . . Continue reading Motivation for Coordination

Means of Coordination

The Church coming together as a coordinated whole will take more than good intentions or striving on our part. It begins by being motivated by our love for God but must also include love for one another.

Most people find it hard to work together in unity and harmony with people they don’t love. Even human love and affection tends to make people more cooperative with each other. But . . . Continue reading Means of Coordination

Coordination Integral to God’s Design

Consider God’s design for the Body of Christ to function interdependently. We need each other. If we don’t purposefully work to coordinate ministries and programs in the church with one another, we can find ourselves rather splintered, isolated, one part doing their thing and the other doing their thing. When that happens, the Body as a whole doesn’t tend to see much organic growth. . . . Continue reading Coordination Integral to God’s Design