Spiritually Productive Schedules

Spiritually blessed schedules, governed by who we are in Christ, are all about the work God has done in our lives because of and through Jesus. Prioritized schedules, emphasizing love for God and others, center on divine, not human love. Sustainable schedules, requiring that we nurture our relationship with Christ, provide the sustenance we need to keep going. Do you notice the theme? These kinds of schedules require . . . Continue reading Spiritually Productive Schedules

Hindrances to Spiritual Productivity

If we want spiritually productive schedules then we must live according to the strength Christ provides which we find through His Word, by grabbing hold of His grace, as we walk in His light and devote ourselves to doing what is good. It’s about far more than checking things off our “To Do” list. Spiritually productive schedules move leaders beyond mere activity and accomplishment to . . . Continue reading Hindrances to Spiritual Productivity

Time for One Another

Read through the list of verses with the “one-another” commands of Scripture and you’ll have to conclude that this kind of mutual, reciprocal relating with each other takes time. Church leaders serious about following God’s design for interdependence among the Body must etch time for Body life into their busy schedules. And, they must structure to allow for it to happen within the hectic church-wide schedule. . . . Continue reading Time for One Another