Church Financial Management & Budgeting Resources

This Church Leaders Practicum has begun to look at church financial management and budgeting through the lens of the basics of our life in Christ. While these posts do provide some practical helps, some of you might be looking for even more detailed resources to help you with the specifics of accounting, budgets, payroll, taxes, etc. For this reason, you will find a list of some helpful resources. . . . Continue reading Church Financial Management & Budgeting Resources

Church Record Keeping Resources

In the Church Leaders Practicum we are most concerned with making sure that all we do, including record keeping, lines up with God and His purpose and design for the Church. While seeking to be practical in those posts, some may be looking for actual resources to accomplish these tasks. Below you will find some record keeping supplies . . . Continue reading Church Record Keeping Resources

Church Safety Resources

Did you read through the Church Safety section of this practicum? Perhaps you’ve concluded that it’s time to think of safety improvements for the prevention of problems. Sometimes things will happen that you can’t prevent but you can provide a level of preparedness to deal with issues to prevent the situation from being worse. You will need to think through safety concerns for all areas of church life including but not limited to the following. . . . Continue reading Church Safety Resources