Church Financial Management & Budgeting Resources

This Church Leaders Practicum has begun to look at church financial management and budgeting through the lens of the basics of our life in Christ. While these posts do provide some practical helps, some of you might be looking for even more detailed resources to help you with the specifics of accounting, budgets, payroll, taxes, etc. For this reason, you will find a list of some helpful resources.

Use these resources for their administrative procedures and samples of forms and systems, but always remember to filter what you do through the grid of your church’s purpose, body life principles, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Always remember to align with God’s heart in these matters, exercising Christ-like qualities in all you do, and depending on God’s power rather than your own efforts or suggestions of others. If the resources don’t take you there, think it through on your own and make adjustments.

In money matters of the church as well as our individual lives, we need the blend of being good stewards and trusting God to provide for the accomplishment of His will through us.

Church Financial Resources:

Clicking on the links below will take you to some books at one of our affiliate stores:

Zondervan Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide
Zondervan Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide
QuickBooks Nonprofit Financial Software
QuickBooks Nonprofit Financial Software

Perhaps you are looking for church supplies related to tithes and offerings and record-keeping. Clicking on the links below will take you to one of our affiliate stores where you will find such resources:

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