Church Record Keeping Resources

In the Church Leaders Practicum we are most concerned with making sure that all we do, including record keeping, lines up with God and His purpose and design for the Church. While seeking to be practical in those posts, some may be looking for actual resources to accomplish these tasks. Below you will find some church record keeping supplies from our affiliate stores.

Attendance Records

Minutes Records

Financial Records

Membership Records

Visitor Records

Of course, in today’s digital era, many may be looking for some computer record keeping resources. Many church management resources are moving from software you install on your computer to online databases stored on the provider’s server. You might want to check out the following which are listed alphabetically and by no means exhaustive of what you can find:

Let’s remember that records should not be an end in themselves.  If you haven’t already done so, read through the Record Keeping & Reporting category in this Church Leaders practicum.

4 Replies to “Church Record Keeping Resources”

    • I believe it would depend on your church’s needs, computer skill level and preferences of users, size of church, available budget, and the like. Let me point you to the Church Management Software Comparison Guide. Perhaps some readers would be able to give testimonials for what they use but what works best for one is not always the best for another.

  1. Very interesting Church Record Keeping Report. It is very hard especially we in the remote area of South Sudan, but one time God will give us peace and power to have access to the developed world and its materials.

    • Praise God that being the Church does not rely on certain kinds of record keeping materials or other types of resources. I encourage you not to compare yourselves to the developed world but rather to what God says in His Word about the Church. Being the Church of His design is dependent on His power and grace and does not need all the trappings of the developed world. Sometimes these kinds of materials can get in the way of truly depending on God. They can pull us away from the basics of the Christian life and what matters most. May you know God’s power to be His Church and make a difference in people’s lives with what you have.

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