Prioritized Schedules: The Number One Priority

One of the activities in the Living Life with Purpose Curriculum is to distribute a blank daily scheduling sheet and have students block out what they would be doing over the next twenty-four hours. They are then to think about what they would do differently if they knew it would be their last twenty-four hours on earth. In teaching that session, I’ve primarily heard responses such . . . Continue reading Prioritized Schedules: The Number One Priority

Prioritized Schedules: The Second Priority

When asked about the Greatest Commandment, Jesus broke it down into two commandments. He said the “first and greatest commandment” was to love God with the whole of our being. While He stressed that love for God is our number one priority and that He gets our “all”, He went out to mention the second priority — loving others as we love ourselves. Continue reading Prioritized Schedules: The Second Priority

Accountable Schedules

As a leader you want to see people in your church maintaining schedules that are honoring to the Lord which will be reflected in what they watch on TV, listen to, what they do on Internet, how they spend their leisure, etc. You want them to live holy lives (Rom. 12:1), fully devoted to God.

. . . But, can church leaders keep members accountable for how they spend their time? Continue reading Accountable Schedules

Spiritually Blessed Schedules

When describing our schedules as spiritually blessed, we might say they are schedules with which God is pleased and honored by and therefore blessed by Him. That could be correct because God does bless our faithfulness and stewardship of the time He has given us. But, I want to look at spiritually blessed schedules as . . . Continue reading Spiritually Blessed Schedules