Organization Following God’s Purposes?

When speaking about organization in this Practicum we are looking at more of the process or act of organizing as opposed to a structured entity. In other words, we want to focus on the verb more than the noun. The Body of Christ must be viewed as a living organism, not a bureaucratic structure or organization. . . . Continue reading Organization Following God’s Purposes?

Organization Because of Freedom in Christ?

Some will decry organizational efforts in the church due to our freedom in Christ. Yet, a lack of organizational structure causes us to appear to be merely floundering around with everyone doing what seems right in their own eyes. Likening the Church to a Body suggests the need for organization in order to properly function as a coordinated whole. So does our freedom in Christ provide parameters within which we should function, and hence a degree of organization to keep a diverse group of people living in accordance with that freedom. . . . Continue reading Organization Because of Freedom in Christ?