Getting Others On Board Starts by Listening

As a leadership team you start by listening to God to understand His purposes for your church. Communication then becomes essential to getting others on board. But, it needs to be more than simply “telling” them with the expectation that all they do is listen to their leaders (in both the sense of hearing and following). If you want to get others on board with following your church purpose, you need to . . . Continue reading Getting Others On Board Starts by Listening

Listening, A Core Element of Body Life

One of church leaders’ responsibilities lies in helping the Body follow God’s design to be interdependent, valuing one another and finding unity in our diversity. To do that, we must understand what it will take to get there. What’s at the core? Then, we must do more than tell people how to function. We must personally practice it, “being examples to the flock” (1 Pet. 5:3). . . . Continue reading Listening, A Core Element of Body Life

Why We Start by Listening to the Lord

An earlier post already addressed how we need to start by listening to God. It looked at the analogy of the Lord as the Shepherd and us as the sheep for why it only makes sense we listen to Him first, above all other voices. If we look at the Great Commission, we find that it not only makes sense but is required if we’re to join Him in His mission. . . . Continue reading Why We Start by Listening to the Lord

Why Listen to Others

Listening to others in our churches and ministries not only helps get them on board, as discussed in a prior post, but also enables us to better meet needs.

Think about it: We’re commissioned by Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations. But, other than “baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything” He commanded (Matt. 28:19-20), Jesus didn’t provide detail about how to do it. . . . Continue reading Why Listen to Others

Jesus Actively Listened

Read through the Gospels and you’ll find many instances of Jesus communicating with people. Pay careful attention and you’ll notice that He not only spoke to people but Jesus actively listened to them as well.

How Jesus Actively Listened to People

The following acrostic of the word LISTEN pulls out some of the key elements of active listening demonstrated by Jesus. . . . Continue reading Jesus Actively Listened