Church Leadership Skills & Responsibilities

To be effective in ministry, breaking through with the love of Christ, then you, as a church leader, need to skillfully move in the right direction with the right source of confidence, having the right objectives and the right means of getting there. You need to break through the obstacles in your skill set that keep you from leading effectively.
You must acquire leadership skills but they must . . .
line up with God's character and ways
... not what you, or the world, think is the right way to do things
be empowered by the Holy Spirit
... not self-determination, pushing through no matter what to accomplish what you think should be done
produce eternal results using godly processes
... not letting the end justify the means
Leader Skill For & Because of the Lord

Common Leadership Skills & Responsibilities

We must look at the following leadership skills using the above litmus test as a guide. One way to do that is to align with the basics of life in Christ which include God's purposes, design, mission, heart, and power for the Church. The Practicum on this site runs the following skills through that grid. -- Click on the links listed below for posts about these skills and responsibilities:
Steering the Church Leadership Guides

Order the Steering the Church Leadership Guides to gain a better understanding of how the above listed leaders skills and responsibilities provide opportunity to live out God's purposes, design, mission, heart, and power for the Body.

Two Skills Critical to the Accomplishment of All Other Responsibilities

Christ-like communication and listening are two skills leaders must develop that will enable the accomplishment of the above objectives and improve the implementation of other leadership skills. (Click below on the words 'communication' and 'listening' for more on these essential leadership skills.)
  1. Communication
  • First with God (prayer), demonstrating trust & reliance on Him
  • Then with people, demonstrating a desire for unity & participation
  1. Listening
  • First to God, leading to wisdom & understanding
  • Then to people, leading to greater awareness & accountability
Christ-like Communication

Order the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders to glean from Jesus' example. How will we effectively steer the Church toward God's purposes, design, and mission if we fail to effectively communicate?

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