Do You Have a Written Church Purpose Statement?

If your answer is . . .

Yes. We have a written church purpose statement.

Great! Revisit it to make sure it truly lines up with God's purposes. Having a written purpose statement is only the starting point. You need to use it to help . . .
  • make decisions in ministry.
  • discern the need for new ministry initiative or the termination of certain programs.
  • coordinate all ministry teams toward the same overall goal.
  • set priorities.
  • communicate objectives with the Body.

If your answer is . . .

No. We have not put our church purpose in writing.

Seriously consider the benefits on having a written church purpose statement. Following are ways a written purpose statement, if actively used, can assist church leadership:
  • helps you objectively align with God's heart and ways
  • gives you an unchanging standard against which to measure decisions
  • keeps you on track by helping you discern what are mere distractions
  • provides a tool for keeping everyone on the same page
  • equips you with a means for evaluating what you are doing

If your answer is . . .

Not yet. We plan to draft a written statement of our purpose.

Make intentions reality. You'll always find more to do so take at least a small step toward it now. Think through:
What are immediate steps you can take?
What are short range steps you can take in the near future?
What are long range steps you can accomplish later?
Do what you can now. Set target dates for implementing future steps and mark it on your calendar.
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