Leadership Skill: Goal-Setting & Vision Casting

How easy it can be for leaders to be busy with a lot of activity but accomplish little. Progress seems to elude many church and ministry leaders who struggle to maintain the present, go in every direction, or are absorbed in constantly "putting out fires" rather than working toward the future.
The Apostle Paul repeated the need to "press on" (Phil. 3:10-16) not wanting to run the race "like a man running aimlessly" lest he run in vain (1 Cor. 9:26). Running a race requires advancing. People who run to win the race can't do so by . . .
  • moving in place (leaders who merely maintain status quo)
  • getting detoured by every sign of danger (leaders who constantly operate in crisis mode)
  • running around in circles or off course (leaders who get easily distracted by non-essentials)

We Need a Vision and Goals to Get There

Running a race requires knowing where we should go and setting goals to get there. Click on links below for what we, as leaders, need to do:
  • Gain perspective on where God might want us to go ... where the race will take us. - Pursue a vision
  • Get others to join in the race. -- Vision-casting
  • Identify landmarks along the way to make sure we stay on course. -- Goal-setting

Posts in the Practicum about Vision and Goal-Setting:

The Practicum on this site runs vision-casting and goal-setting through the grid of some leadership basics based on God's purposes, design, and mission for the Church, and getting there in a Christ-like manner, relying on His power at work in and through us.

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