Leadership Skill: Communication

Leaders must learn to first communicate with God and then with people.

That's the order that will produce the greatest level of effectiveness.
Yet, so often in the church we find:
too many consultations with others about what to do without first going to God
too many meetings in which the church's affairs are discussed without first seeking God's guidance
too many decisions made without adequate prayer but nonetheless expecting God to bless it
And then we wonder why things don't work out as we had hoped, why we aren't growing despite all our best efforts, why there are conflicts.

When leaders don't first communicate with God:

  • They tend to lean too much on their own understanding which often leads to trouble. -- Trusting in God brings good direction and success. (Prov. 3:5-6; 14:12)
  • They tend to rely on their own abilities or strength which often leads to burnout. -- Depending on God brings renewal and the ability to soar. (Isa. 40:28-31; Phil. 4:13)

When leaders fail to communicate with people:

  • They open the door for possible misunderstandings which can eventually lead to divisions.
  • They deny people a sense of ownership in the process, making the endeavor appear more as the "leader's thing" than a joint effort.
The importance of communicating both with God and people cannot be over-stressed. When leaders learn to be better communicators, everything else seems to go much more effectively.
Look at communication as an on-going, never-ending process, not a once and done event -- before, during, and after.
Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders
Order the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders which includes the above content plus some tips for communicating with both God and people. In a separate section, it also includes our need to listen to both God and people, along with tips, since listening is an integral part of communication.

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