Leadership Skill: Conflict Management

As much as we would like to believe that everyone should get along in the Body of Christ, we know all too well the realities of churches dividing and the cause of Christ being marred. Face it, as a leader you will make decisions with which some will disagree. People may take offense to your approach. In some cases, you might not have done anything wrong. But, there will be times you fail. As a leader, you will also be faced with members who might not be offended by you but by others in the Body.
What do you do when conflict surfaces? You can choose to:
  • ignore it with the hope it will resolve itself
  • confront it face on with full abandonment
  • simply pray about it and leave it in the Lord's hands

Or, you can choose to follow biblical ways of managing conflict.

All Posts in the Practicum Leading to Biblical Conflict Management

The following posts from the practicum on this site, will help you approach conflict management through the grid of Scripture keeping God's purposes, design, and mission for the Body central while looking to Him to make us more Christ-like as we pull on His power to rise above. Share This with Others:

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