Leadership Skill: Organization

To effectively provide organization to the church, leaders must understand that the Church is a living organism. Without a grasp on that reality, organization could be done . . .
  • for the wrong purposes ... simply to maintain smooth running programs.
  • with the wrong effect ... bureaucracy in the church.

The Right Effect of Organization in the Church

Organization is not about building programs and structures but determining how to best meet the needs of people and glorify God. Without thought given to the effect of your structures, you could quickly move into irrelevancy and merely be oiling organizational machinery. You group a certain way because it is best. You arrange schedules and programs a certain way because it is effective. You coordinate the way people relate and serve alongside one another because it makes a difference. -- The Church, as a living organism, must be interactive with its environment, both influencing it and being aware of it. (Matthew 5:13; Acts 1:8)
Questions for Church Leaders:
  • Are you organizing to perpetuate the way you've always done things or to truly serve?
  • What can you do to better implement ministry assessments, purposeful observation, and meaningful input from people you serve to be in a constant state of awareness of needs and adjustments needed?
To experience the right effect, we need to start with: The Right Reason for Organization

Posts in the Practicum about the Leadership Skill of Organization:

The posts in the practicum help us remember what it will take to make sure we remember that we are first, a living organism with Christ as the Head, and second, that we function best when organized in accordance with His purposes, design, and mission for the Church, through the power He provides, demonstrated in Christlikeness.

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