Leadership Skill: Listening

Communication, an essential part of church leadership, makes such a difference in a leader's effectiveness in other skills. By communication we are referring to not merely transmitting information but exchanging information which requires that leaders also become good listeners. To be a good leader, you need to learn to listen both to God and to people.

Listening to God is a means of:

  • acquiring wisdom and understanding
  • discerning His heart
  • lining up with Him and His will
  • letting God know you care

Listening to people is a means of:

  • discerning needs
  • learning if something isn't working
  • acquiring new ideas
  • letting people know you care
Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders

Order the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders which includes the content on this page plus some tips for listening to both God and people.

Posts in the Practicum about Listening Skills:

The posts in the practicum run this leadership skill through the grid of the basics of life in Christ, that which should guide anything we do as church leaders. Also note that the content in the first eleven posts listed below is included in the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders.

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