Leadership Skill: Assessment

The Leadership Skill of Assessment Defined:

The leader does an evaluative review of a situation to gain a better understanding of it in order to discern the next course of action ... whether that be improvement, elimination, or development of a program, activity, or process.

Obviously leaders with analytical minds will find assessing easier and more enjoyable. These leaders must learn to be patient with those not so inclined and guard against getting so bogged down in this process that they are too slow to act. Assessments are merely tools to get where you need to be so watch for obsessing in them.
Driven leaders might be more prone to act first and think later ... about how to fix what went wrong. These kinds of leaders must keep in mind that God is just as concerned with the process as He is with the end result and that we are to give our best in all we do. Assessments can provide an objective means to prevent problems, not merely fix them, so learn to value them.
As with any leadership skill, church and ministry leaders must be concerned with how mastery of this skill affects the cause of Christ, not merely how it makes them a good leader.

Posts in the Practicum about Assessments:

What distinguishes the use of assessments in the Church from the business world is that we do them and use them in ways that align with God's purposes, design, and mission for the Church, exercising Christlikeness in all we do and pulling on the wisdom and power of God rather than relying on our own understanding and abilities. The Practicum on this site runs the use of assessments through the grid of these leadership basics.

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