Christ-likeness: Integrity

Christ-like Integrity is More Than the Outward

Being an example of Christ-likeness is about more than maintaining high morals. Let's not deceive ourselves into thinking we are Christ-like simply because we are maintaining sexual integrity, financial accountability, guarded speech, and basic goodness.
Remember that Jesus came full of both grace and truth (Jn. 1:14). Being "full of" references what was on the inside. Grace and truth thoroughly permeated His being so when He spoke or acted, those qualities manifested themselves in all He did.

Christ-like Integrity Requires Nurturing the Inward

Perhaps if we concerned ourselves more with inner wholeness than outward conformity, we would see less moral failings in church leaders.
Church leaders must take time to nurture their walk with God, to be in constant fellowship with Him through prayer and His Word.

If you are too busy to spend personal time with the Lord, you are too busy.

Being a leader is not just about what you do but also who you are. You influence people by your life as much, if not more, than by your words. Eventually what is in your heart will come out, so leaders, beware.

Encourage Christ-like Integrity in Those You Lead

Our life together as a church should reflect Christ-like integrity toward one another and toward the world around us. As a leader you have a responsibility to guide people accordingly.
  • Your own example will show how much the inner life matters.
  • Your emphasis in ministry will let people know if you are looking for inner change or mere external conformity.
  • Your encouragement of people's walk with God will help them focus on change from the inside out.

Questions to Reflect On:

  • What changes can you make to prioritize personal time with the Lord?
  • What changes can you make to be more encouraging of others in their walk with the Lord?

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