Interdependence Blocked by Blind Trust

Trust is essential to developing a climate suitable for body life. However, blindly trusting people blocks true body life. If you have a tendency to give people responsibilities and then let them do whatever they want without any guidelines, parameters, or feedback, then you are not promoting the kind of interdependency God intends. God's design for the body is that everybody does their part but for the common good. That takes coordination and accountability.

Think of the analogy God uses of the church being like a human body. Parts of the body do not function without communication from the central nervous system and ultimately the brain.

So, in the Body of Christ, Jesus is the Head, communicating and coordinating the functioning of the body through church leaders as each part does its work for the common good.

Failure of the human body to function in this way indicates some sort of blockage and yields health trouble for the body.

So, in the Body of Christ, we are in trouble if we do not follow God's design. The growth and health of the body suffers.

Letting people do what is right in their own eyes only brings trouble, disunity, and a tendency to stray from God's purposes as seen in Israel's history during the period of the judges.
To Do: Take a look at the one another passages of Scripture. Think through how they demonstrate accountability in the way we interact with one another and function as a body.
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