Hindrance of Laziness in Fulfilling God's Purposes

Do you find yourself asking the following questions in your leadership role?
  • What is easiest?
  • What is most convenient?
  • What is most comfortable?
  • What is the path of least resistance?
We don't like to think of ourselves as lazy but when we start asking the above questions, we are trying to get by with minimal effort and hardship. We are lacking the determination, diligence, and planning ahead to do what it takes.

How Laziness Hinders Pursuit of Our Church Purpose

When laziness creeps in, our leadership tends to be marked by . . .

Laziness could affect getting started using the church's purpose.
Laziness could be responsible for sporadic following of the church's purpose.
not finishing what you begin
Laziness could cause you to abandon pursuit of the church's purpose.
Laziness could take you into the realm of excuse-making for why you aren't actively pursuing the church's purpose.
Perhaps at the time it might seem easier to just do what needs to be done without having to think and plan but in the long run you end up spending more time and effort fixing what goes wrong, moving from one crisis to another, and trying to repeatedly regroup.

Be Diligent, Not Lazy, in Fulfilling God's Purposes

God looks for diligence in leaders. Romans 12:8 says to the person with the spiritual gift of leadership, "let him govern diligently." It would only stand to reason that if you do not have the spiritual gift of leadership, but are in a leadership role, you should still govern diligently.

The Steering Your Church Toward God's Purposes Leadership Guide contains this content plus guides you toward a short study of some Bible verses about the consequences of laziness and the rewards of diligence. It also looks at other hindrances to our pursuit of God's purposes.

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