The Great Commission's Focus is Not on Leadership

Leaders can be influential and that isn't bad as long as they are influencing people toward God and His ways and not making it about themselves and what they think is right. Because of their influence, people tend to follow human leaders and so the risk always exists that more attention goes on the human leader than on the Lord.

The pull toward a human leader happens.

By nature, we can easily gravitate more toward what is seen rather than what is unseen. Unless constantly pointed toward the Lord, we might keep our sights more on the flesh and bone leader than on a God who is spirit.
By nature, many people tend to be followers and so they simply go where the leader takes them. Unless constantly reminded that the Lord is the Chief Shepherd, we might follow the under-shepherd instead.

The pull toward leadership can be strong, taking focus off of the Lord.

We read of the Apostle Peter being revered. Someone actually fell at his feet. "But Peter made him get up. 'Stand up,' he said, 'I am only a man myself.'" (Acts 10:26)
Deliberate attempts must be made by a leader to point the attention toward where it belongs ... on the Lord.

Learn more about what might cause these tendencies to be pulled toward human leaders in the Steering the Church Toward Discipleship Leadership Guide where leaders also find a suggestion to develop a purposeful reminder for keeping the focus on the Lord.

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