Hindrance of Personality in Fulfilling God's Purposes

Your personality or leadership style could affect the way you approach church purpose, actually hindering the fulfillment of God's purposes.

How our Personality Can Hinder Fulfilling God's Purposes

If you have a more spontaneous, global temperament, lining up all you do with your purpose won't come easy.
If have a more detail-oriented, analytical personality, you may take this to an extreme and never get moving.
If you have a driven personality, you may be prone to do first and think later because you want to get things done.
If you have a more people-pleasing temperament, you may tend to compromise more than you should to avoid possible conflict.

To Get Beyond These Hindrances in Fulfilling Our Church Purpose, We Need a Standard Outside of Ourselves

Each of these types of personality bents could become a hindrance in being purposeful as a leader. That is why we need to be driven by a standard outside of ourselves.
God will use our personalities but His Word should be the final determining factor.
If we allow ourselves to be driven by personality, we might be quick to make excuses for not following God's purposes ... "that's who I am."

In addition to the content on this page, the Steering Your Church Toward God's Purposes Leadership Guide briefly considers what it takes to get beyond our personality bents.

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