Church Staff: Expect Adherence to Body Life Principles

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Expect Staff Adherence to Body Life PrinciplesPersonalities will clash and opinions will vary. We can’t force people to “like” or agree with each other but we can expect them to line up with God’s design for His people to function a certain way. It becomes about obeying Him, not doing what “we” think is right. We’re commanded to act and react toward one another in ways that build up and unify, not tear down and divide.

The “one another” commands of Scripture provide specific ways we’re to treat people, laying the basis for expecting church staff to adhere to Body Life principles with those they serve and among team members.

Expect Adherence to God’s Design, Commands & Principles for the Body

Look at the commands in 1 Peter 4:8-10 where we’re told to,

1) Above all, love

God lists expectations of how love does and does not act or react in 1 Corinthians 13. If love sits at the top of God’s “to do” list, then these traits need to be a priority in how we function, or don’t function, as a staff with one another and those we serve.

2) Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.

Although the Greek word for hospitality literally means a love (philos – friendship sort of love) of strangers (xenos), here we’re told to extend hospitality to one another … those we know, fellow members of the Body. Think of the significance of this command. Sometimes we treat outsiders better than we do one another. Sometimes we treat the people we serve better than fellow staff. Or, sometimes we “do” what we should do for and with one another but we grumble about it. God addresses our attitudes in serving, so shouldn’t we?

3) Serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace to them as you use your spiritual gifts.

Ministry must get beyond personal fulfillment and accomplishing “my” agenda. When we use our spiritual gifts, we administer God’s grace in its various forms. The question isn’t what I can get out of it but what I can give. As faithful stewards we answer first and foremost to God for that which He’s entrusted to us. Staff expectations therefore revolve around accountability to God and His desires for serving one another as commanded in His Word.

You’ll find this content in the Steering the Church Toward Body Life Leadership Guide which also includes a list of some ways to communicate these expectations to adhere to Body Life principles.

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