Body Life Critical to Change Management

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Body Life is about the way we treat one another, how we let each other know they matter, and working together toward the common good.

True Body Life is Critical to Change Management Because It Paves the Way for Change.

Change can be difficult but an environment where true body life exists paves the way for navigating through change and coming out better on the other side. We can better embrace change because we are primarily concerned with what is for the good of the whole, not pushing an individual’s personal agenda.

How we treat people through the process of making changes can affect the outcome. But, their perceptions, even those that are unfounded, also affect the way change is received.

When people feel like you are trying to trick them or deceive them, they will be more likely to resist change.

When people feel pressured into changing or it is forced upon them without opportunity for input, they will be more likely to be skeptical, resentful or hostile toward change.

When people truly believe you care about them and are out for their best, they will be more likely to accept and cooperate with change. They may still have questions but trust you to listen and take their concerns into consideration.

True Body Life is Critical to Change Because It Puts People First.

Because we care for one another, we will stop to think about the effects of change on people. When we do that, we can often head off problems change might bring. We can be sensitive to the feelings of others. Change might still be inevitable but people know that their concerns matter. They know you are not moving forward without thinking about them. As a result they will be more likely to accept the change even if it is not their preference.

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