Christ-like Listening Communicates

We’ve already looked how Jesus actively listened to those He served. Why? — Because it matters. It was just one more way He showed people God’s heart toward them. He not only communicated with His words but also by listening.

Because of What Christ-like Listening Communicates, To Listen Matters

Christ-like Listening Communicates


When we actively listen as Jesus did, we too will communicate the heart of God who deeply cares about each individual (Lk. 15).

The following acrostic, using the word LISTEN, helps us better understand what Christ-like listening communicates which is why to listen matters so much.

L – Love

To listen lets people know that you care about them and who they are matters.

I – Interest

Listening to people’s ideas communicates that their experience and what they think matters.

S – Sensitivity

When we listen to people we’re letting them know that their wants and what they need matters.

T – Two-Way Communication

To listen suggests reciprocity, a mutual exchange, not just talking at them, communicating that what they have to offer matters.

E – Empathy

Apart from actually walking in their shoes, listening is how we will begin to understand what people are experiencing, letting them know that what they feel matters.

N – Nurture

Active listening usually leads to people feeling built up, not torn down, and so their inner being as well their relationship with you and the Lord gets nurtured, suggesting that what they derive from this interaction matters.

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