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Jesus Actively Listened


Read through the Gospels and you’ll find many instances of Jesus communicating with people. Pay careful attention and you’ll notice that He not only spoke to people but Jesus actively listened to them as well.

How Jesus Actively Listened to People

The following acrostic of the word LISTEN pulls out some of the key elements of active listening demonstrated by Jesus.

Jesus Actively ListenedL – Love

Jesus listened without prejudice.

I – Inquire

Jesus often asked people questions.

S – Stop

Jesus didn’t let busyness keep Him from listening.

T – Test

Jesus patiently drew out what was inside people.

E – Engage

Jesus stayed in the moment as He ministered to people.

N – Nudge

Jesus demonstrated a life of listening to His heavenly Father (Mk. 1:35) so when He nudged people to also listen (Matt. 15:10; Lk. 8:18), He knew what He was asking of them.

You’ll find this acrostic in the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders with a brief explanation for each word of how Christ actively listened in that way along with implications for leaders.

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