Hindrance of Resistance in Pursuing & Fulfilling God's Purposes

Possible Effects of Resistance:

When others, perhaps your leadership board, ministry team, or congregants, disagree, put up some resistance, or won't come along, it can send you on a downward spiral and derail the process if you don't quickly gain perspective.
They aren't really against this. They just don't understand.
They are the ones who are wrong. They're just being obstinate.
They are never going to change. They are going to hinder this process from moving forward.
They ruined it. They won't ever come along.

Look at Resistance as Opportunity:

  • to learn and grow
  • to refine and improve
  • to wait on and trust the Lord

How to Prevent Resistance:

While you often cannot totally eliminate resistance to change, you can minimize it through the following:
Reliance on God: Pray, pray, and pray some more. God's Spirit can go before you and prepare the way.
Respect for People: Invite input. Include input. Involving others in the process, especially those you believe will be prone to resist, says that they matter and usually leads to greater cooperation.
Responsibility in Leadership: Communicate, communicate, communicate. Don't assume others will know what you are trying to do. Keep them informed each step of the way. You are there to serve people.
Recognition of the Process: Go slow, introducing small incremental changes. When you try to do too much too fast, you can count on problems. Just as you went through a series of steps to get to this point, so do other people need to come to a point in their readiness to change.
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