Hindrance of Resistance in Pursuing & Fulfilling God's Purposes

Be Aware of the Possible Effects of Resistance in Your Pursuit of God's Purposes

When others, perhaps your leadership board, ministry team, or congregants, disagree, put up some resistance, or won't come along, it can send you on a downward spiral and derail the process if you don't quickly gain perspective.
You start by thinking that they aren't really against this, that they just don't understand.
Then you begin casting blame, that they are the ones who are wrong, that they're just being obstinate.
You get discouraged, feeling like they are never going to change, that they are going to hinder this process from moving forward.
Finally you believe it’s ruined, that they won't ever come along and that all is lost.

Instead, Look at Resistance as Opportunity in Fulfilling Your Church Purpose

  • to learn and grow
  • to refine and improve
  • to wait on and trust the Lord

In addition to the content on this page, the Steering Your Church Toward God's Purposes Leadership Guide gives some suggestions for how you can work at preventing, or minimizing, resistance.

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