Hindrance of Time Constraints in Fulfilling God's Purposes

Busyness hindering the process of actively pursuing God's purposes in the church?

  • You must tend to many responsibilities, attend meetings, etc. How can you fit in something else?
  • You have deadlines. How can you stop to evaluate what you are doing against the church's purpose?
  • You seem to move from one crisis to another. How can you find time to work on the big picture?
  • You face expectations and demands. How can you move in one direction when being pulled elsewhere?

Time constraints are all the more reason to pay heed to your purpose.

Knowing and pursuing your purpose helps you . . .
  1. keep more focused and actually accomplish more that counts for eternity.
  2. prioritize your schedule so you do what is most important.
  3. eliminate time-consuming tasks that do not take you there.
  4. know when it is time to move on.
  5. wisely invest not only your time but also money and other resources.
To Do: Study the life of Jesus. He knew His purpose and lived in accordance with it. Here is an obvious example:
Mark 1:33-39 - How busy was Jesus? What demands or expectations were put upon him? What did Jesus do to gain perspective? How did knowing His purpose affect His actions?
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