Interdependence Blocked by Leaders with Trust Issues

Yes, we should strive for excellence in ministry, giving of our best to the Lord (1 Cor. 10:31). Yet, when we repeatedly fail to involve others for fear they won't do it right or won't do it in a timely fashion, this quest stifles true Body Life.

What Might Cause Leaders to Have Trust Issues?

If you've been burnt in the past, you might have trust issues.
If you're a perfectionist, you might have trust issues.
If you're driven, you might have trust issues.

Leaders Need to Embrace Rather Than Block God's Design for Interdependence

God's love can help us break through whatever might be hindering us from following God's design. By His divine power we can rise above our trust issues.

The Steering the Church Toward Body Life Leadership Guide looks at each of the above causes, considering what it will take to rise above our trust issues so we embrace rather than block God's design for interdependence.

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