Christ-likeness: Importance of Truth

People will not grow into Christ-likeness if they do not value truth. God uses truth in the sanctification process (Jn. 17:17). Consequently, part of your responsibility as a leader is not only to adhere to God's truth as found in His Word yourself, but also to help others do the same. If they do not view absolute truth as all that important, having allowed the world's relativistic approach to infiltrate their hearts and minds, they will be less likely to line up with it.
If you are going to convince the people you lead of the importance of Truth, you need to constantly keep coming back to its source and its pragmatic value.

The Source of Truth:

In leading people, you need a reliable standard for people to follow. To claim a certain direction is right "because the Bible says so" might be insufficient to convince some people. Take them to the source behind the Bible, God Himself. If people see God as the One of whom there is no greater, then what He says will have more merit.
If you have a God who is absolutely true, then you can depend on everything He says to be consistent with itself.
If you have a God who is always faithful, then you can count on the promises He makes.
If you have a God who is totally holy, then you can know that what He says is right and best.
The church is "the pillar and foundation of the truth" because we are the church of the living God who is Truth (1 Tim. 3:15). As we live in the light of His truth, we provide a firm base upon which to live and a support to keep us standing. If we, as the Church, are not totally convinced of this, how are we going to provide that influence in the world?

The Pragmatic Value of Truth:

If people don't have a firm grasp on who God is, they will struggle to make truth a priority standard. People can argue with the absolute authority of the Bible and get into theological debates about who God is but they will find it hard to dispute the reality of something that works, something that does what it says it will.
In leading people, don't just tell them what to do because it is based on truth. Show them the difference it will make using real life illustrations or examples. Help them take baby steps in testing the truth of God's Word before expecting them to take a running leap into it.
To Do: Read through Psalm 119 noting both the source of truth and its pragmatic value.
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