Encourage Integrity in Giving

Church leaders need to maintain integrity in the way they handle finances, the topic of the next post, but also need to encourage people to give with integrity. The Apostle Paul approached this topic with the Corinthian Church. In the first 15 verses of 2 Corinthians 8 we can glean a number of factors that go into giving with integrity. Church leaders should encourage people accordingly both by . . . Continue reading Encourage Integrity in Giving

Managing Finances with Integrity

You want people to give for all the right reasons, with the right heart, with the right objectives, with the right perspective — to give with integrity. Certainly they should be able to expect the same from leadership in the way finances are handled. God does!

How to Manage Finances with Integrity . . . Continue reading Managing Finances with Integrity

Gospel Affects Even Our Finances

What would the Gospel have to do with the church budget? The obvious response would be that we allocate funds for outreach to share the Gospel with others, making sure our finances are used for more than paying salaries, facilities, and utilities. While that is true, a better response might be . . . Continue reading Gospel Affects Even Our Finances

Financial Consultants & the Church

Church finances can get complicated — establishing yearly budgets, paying bills and still doing ministry especially if giving is down, reallocating funds, abiding by non-profit regulations, fund-raising, and more. Organizing and running a capital campaign can be time consuming and overwhelming. Sometimes leadership needs help, a consultant. While our trust must always be first and foremost in the Lord (Ps. 143:10; Prov. 3:5-6; 9:10; James 1:5-6), we do have biblical grounds for . . . Continue reading Financial Consultants & the Church