Financial Management in the Church

Spiritual Gifts Used in Financial ManagementSince God uses spiritual gifts as a means of exercising His power in and through the Church, it stands to reason that we seek out people to help in all areas of church life who are appropriately gifted … including finances. We’ve already considered calling on those with the spiritual gifts of discernment, faith, and/or wisdom for financial consultation so we’re doing what makes spiritual sense, not just fiscal sense. What about the actual financial management … receivables (from counting contributions to recording offerings), payables (from paying utilities & other expenses to salaries), etc.?

Spiritual Gifts Useful for Financial Management in the Church

While the basics of financial management in the church may seem similar to any other kind of non-profit or business, shouldn’t we still want to do it in ways that pull on God’s power? After all, we are HIS Church! One of the ways to do that is to recruit or hire people with the following spiritual gifts:

Spiritual Gift of Administration

Since a church treasurer works on multiple aspects of church finances that all need to come together as a coordinated whole, we should want someone at the helm gifted to steer these efforts toward the accomplishment of God’s purposes and goals — someone with the gift of administration. This person would use God-given abilities to plan, organize, and supervise processes involved in managing collections, recording and depositing of income, submission of required tax forms, payment of bills and salaries, assistance in preparation of the annual budget, etc.

While it is not recommended that the church treasurer do all of the above him/herself, the smaller the church, the more hands on this person must be. A church might develop a finance team with the treasurer at the helm. In larger churches oversight might come under a business administrator or administrative pastor.

Spiritual Gift of Helps

People with the spiritual gift of helps come alongside to assist with some of the nitty gritties in order to free up the treasurer or other ministry leaders to focus on the big picture and other essential or pressing matters. This right-hand person(s), empowered by God to be supportive and responsive to what the administrator needs done, all the while maintaining a servant attitude, blesses the heart of the leaders they serve.

Spiritual Gift of Service

Some of work that needs to be done in church finances, like counting and/or recording collections, that is more task-oriented, would be suited for people with the spiritual gift of service. Even these more behind-the-scenes, often unnoticed, and seemingly trivial tasks need to be done in the power of God. 1 Peter 4:11 tells us why — “If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.” It’s not just about accomplishing the task, but doing it to the glory of God. The phrase “in ALL things” would encompass every aspect financial management.

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