Church Job Descriptions Reflect Purpose?

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Church Leadership Basics: God’s Purpose for the Church

Church Job DescriptionsIn a previous post I suggested that renaming job descriptions to ministry descriptions is insufficient to differentiate them from the business world. While the benefits of using job descriptions in the church might be similar to using them in secular companies, the development of this tool should be what really sets it apart.

The Church should be using a higher standard to develop the ministry descriptions which is to make sure they grow out of the basics of life in Christ as presented in God’s Word.

We start by making sure the job description reflects our church purpose.

This could be included in the way the position is defined. Toward the top of a ministry description you should have a broad description of that particular ministry to briefly define that for which this person is responsible. If you can’t figure out how to define it incorporating your church’s purpose, then perhaps you need to step back and consider if the position truly is needed.

Examples of Church Job Descriptions that reflect our church purpose:

If you consider love for God and love for people (based on the Great Commandments) to be your church’s primary purpose then you might begin a job description for a Worship Pastor as follows. Some might also call this person a Director of Worship or Worship Leader.

Position: Worship Pastor

Position Defined: The Worship Pastor assists the church in planning, coordinating, organizing and facilitating worship that leads people to express their love and adoration for God while also being considerate and respectful of fellow worshipers.

Using that same purpose, you might begin a job description for a Small Group Leader as follows:

Position: Small Group Leader

Position Defined: A Small Group Leader provides growth opportunities that help members become more fully devoted lovers and followers of Jesus Christ and seeks to cultivate an environment where members demonstrate Christ’s love to one another in supportive and practical ways.

Notice the wording for each of these positions as they are defined. They do not sound like we are merely copying and pasting in the church purpose but rather fit it to the position. You do not have to use the exact words in your stated purpose but the concept should clearly be there.

Hence we begin the job description template:


Position Defined:

Please Note: You’ll find the content on this page in the Steering the Church Toward God’s Purposes Leadership Guide.

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