Church Job Descriptions Reflect Body Life?

To get the greatest benefit from this practicum, make sure you have read related training on the site. Click below to read about Body Life:

Job DescriptionsWe’re looking at job descriptions from a different angle than what you might be accustomed. We are running them through the grid of the basics of life in Christ. As such, we must conclude that job descriptions, also known as ministry descriptions in the church, not only must reflect our church purpose but also God’s Design of the Church — Body Life.

Key Features of Body Life to Factor in to Job Descriptions:

1) God designed the Body of Christ to be interdependent. (1 Cor. 12:21)

Job descriptions should therefore show these connections, particularly as relates to the position.

You might add to your template:

Responsible to:  This is the person to whom the person will report, consult, and find accountability.

Responsible for:  This includes the people being served and any staff this person might oversee.

Be careful of how you word this so it truly reflects God’s intent for interdependence, not a hierarchy or line of control.

2) God designed the Body of Christ to find unity out of diversity. (1 Cor. 12:12)

Ministry descriptions should therefore delineate the unique qualities needed in a person and how it contributes to and coordinates with the whole.

Qualifications:  Include spiritual gifts, personality traits, experience, passions, and any other factor required to effectively fulfill this ministry.

3) God designed the Body of Christ to demonstrate the dignity and value of all members regardless of their role. (1 Cor. 12:22-25)

Ministry descriptions should therefore recognize the importance of the person’s contribution and suggest how this person will be supported in what they do.

Support Provided:  This could include training, prayer, consultation, resources, etc. If you can provide specifics, do so.

As we build the template for a job description, we now have:


Position Defined:

Responsible To:

Responsible For:

Qualifications Required:

Support Provided:

You’ll find this included in the Steering the Church Toward Body Life Leadership Guide which looks at twenty-four other specific tasks in which leaders are responsible to reflect and promote God’s design for the Church.

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