Decision-Making Questions for Lining Up

If you have not read the section of the site on Church Purpose, please do so now in order for this practicum to be most helpful to you. Click below:
Church Leadership Basics: God’s Purpose for the Church

In a previous post, we concluded that decisions should be made in light of God and His purposes. Though by personality, some leaders will have more of a tendency to base decisions on feelings or circumstances, if we want our decision-making to line up with God and His purposes, we need to stop long enough to ask at least some key questions.

Decision-Making QuestionsBroad question: Does this line up with our church purpose?

Specific questions: Does the decision we’re leaning toward show love for God and love for people?

Decision-making Questions to See if We Line up with Our Purpose to Love God:

  • Is what we want to do in congruence with God’s character?
  • Is this decision consistent with God’s Word?
  • Will this course of action reflect God’s heart and ways?

Decision-making that Lines up with Our Purpose to Love People:

  • Does the decision promote the good of the whole and not just my personal agenda?
  • Is the decision based on what will gain the approval of people or what will help them grow in the Lord?

In addition to the content on this page the Steering the Church Toward God’s Purposes Leadership Guide provides a statement for each of the above questions about how  it shows love for God or people with Scripture references to back it up.

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