Spiritual Gifts for Scheduling


To determine spiritual gifts for scheduling it will help to first clarify what’s involved in scheduling. Keep in mind that scheduling is not about recruiting people for ministry. When it come to scheduling, we are plugging in people who are already recruited into time slots for them to fulfill the already agreed upon ministry. In addition to scheduling people for ministry, it can also involve the scheduling of rooms and equipment.

Some of this work may be done by computer, with a master calendar, texting, email, and personal contacting. It may involve arranging and then rearranging the schedule.

Skills Needed in Scheduling

When you think about what scheduling entails, the person best suited for this responsibility should be good with …

coordinating and organizing
communicating with people

Spiritual Gifts for Scheduling Based on Skills Needed

It is possible to do the above work involved in scheduling in the natural realm (i.e., by personality) if someone has a more detail-oriented, and perhaps an analytical temperament too, and is also good with people. How much better, however, in ministry, for the person to have the spiritual gifts best suited to these kinds of responsibilities.

Spiritual Gifts for Scheduling

Ideally, because of the work involved in scheduling, the most ideal gifting may be a combination of the spiritual gifts of administration and exhortation.

Someone with the spiritual gift of administration is empowered for planning, organizing, coordinating, and supervising others to accomplish goals so they would see the end goal as well as tend to the details.

Someone with the gift of administration can be more task-oriented so the people end of scheduling can prove to be more challenging or frustrating, so the gifting most ideal for scheduling would be a combination of the gifts of administration and exhortation.

Other spiritual gifts that could be useful in scheduling are the gifts of service and helps.

Someone with the spiritual gift of service would be good with the details and mechanics of scheduling but may get more consumed with the task at hand that they could miss some of the big picture.

Someone with the spiritual gift of helps would tend to come along side of a leader and help with whatever needs to be done to free up the leader for other responsibilities. People with this gift may not always be into the clerical end of things but if they sense it helps someone else with their ministry, will find joy even in the more menial tasks.

While the ideal may be someone with the gift of administration, someone with the gift of service or helps could also get the job done effectively. Since scheduling often involves people contact, and the gifts administration, service and helps are more task-oriented, unless the person’s temperament if more people-oriented, it would be best for the person to also have the spiritual gift of exhortation.

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