Team Building Leads to being on Mission Together

Team Building Get Us Ready for Mission Together

When you look at ministry teams in your Church …

Are they aligning with God’s purposes?

Do they function interdependently?

Are they exercising Christ-like character toward one another?

If so, then they are ready to go on mission together wherein they do more than merely accomplish tasks or develop programs. These kinds of teams are concerned about the spiritual well-being and growth of fellow team members but also that of the people who benefit from their efforts. These kinds of teams are concerned about God’s agenda for His people to become fully-devoted Christ followers learning to love Him more and more and also to love others as themselves.

Why Absence of These Essentials of Team Building Hurts Being on Mission Together

Jesus’ Great Commission begins with assertion of His authority, that ALL authority belongs to Him (Matt. 28:18), qualifying Him to determine our mission. If a team can’t seem to align with God’s purposes, how likely are they to align with His mission? If a team can’t act in accordance with His design of interdependence as the best way to function, how likely are they to accept His assignment of disciplemaking as their true accomplishment?

  • If we don’t accept the Lord’s authority in one area, and if we don’t acknowledge His ways as best in one way we’re to function, can we really count on the team to be on God’s mission, pursuing His objective?

The Great Commission ends with Jesus’ promise to be with us ALWAYS (Matt. 28:20). Is it possible to always be in Jesus’ presence and not become like Him? If a team doesn’t exercise Christ-like character toward one another, are they really serving with an awareness of His presence? If they aren’t acknowledging His presence, where is the power to accomplish that which counts for eternity?

  • If we fail to live like we’ve been in the presence of the Lord, and treat each other that way, can we really expect the team to have a disciple-making mindset toward those they serve?

To get beyond merely oiling machinery, maintaining status quo, or simply developing good programs, to true ministry, the efforts of teams must be sandwiched between these bookends, demonstrated by aligning with God’s purposes, functioning interdependently, and exercising Christ-like character toward one another.

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