Church Records Management

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We’ve looked at why record-keeping and reporting can be good. They are a means of:

Record Keeping
No task is too insignificant or mundane to neglect the basics of life in Him.

We now turn to the “how” of record keeping.

As in any other task we do, we must begin with the heart to make sure the entire process is honoring to the Lord. We need to demonstrate Christ-like attitudes and actions even in record keeping and reporting. No task is too insignificant or mundane to neglect the basics of life in Him.

Think about it. Much of the data collected in the church is personal. We need to be good stewards of people’s information which means we need to be concerned about how we do the following:

Collection of Records
Use of Records
Storage or Disposal of Records

Typically we might think of the logistical end of a records management policy … the systematic administration of records through their life cycle from their creation and active use to their storage for occasional use to the final appraisal and disposition either to permanently archive or destroy the records.

  • Which records to collect and perhaps the means of collecting records
  • Organizing for ease of locating and saving of time in the use of records for planning, audits, etc.
  • Efficient use of space for storage by appraising what to keep permanently and how long to retain the rest … a record retention schedule

All of that is important and necessary to be included in a policy but what about getting to the heart of the matter? A comprehensive church records management policy, if consistently followed, can be useful to ensuring that the entire process is filled with integrity. If we truly want all we do to reflect Christ, a church records management policy must include how to keep these efforts Christ-like which we will get to in upcoming posts.

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