Record Keeping & Reporting: Facilitate Ministry

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Read through the spiritual gifts section on the Ministry Tools Resource Center’s primary site, and you will come to understand how everybody has a part in the growth of the Body (Eph. 4:16). Due to that reality, we need to do what we can to facilitate ministry.

Helping people identify their spiritual gifting is one way we can encourage people to do their part. Too often, however, it ends with a class on spiritual gifting and possibly a spiritual gifts tests. Why? — In many cases, it is due to a lack of record keeping and/or using those records in recruiting.

  • Who has what gifts?
  • Where are they already serving?
  • Who is available and gifted to serve in the different areas of need?

Some of the church management programs provide a place to input people’s spiritual gifts and then develop filters to pull up who would be good for specific ministry needs. Or, your could use a program already on your computer that enables you to build your own database just for this purpose (i.e. Microsoft’s Access).

As a leader you must not only affirm God’s power through the use of spiritual gifts, but also function like you believe God’s blueprint for the growth of the Body works. Initiating record keeping described in this post, that is used effectively, is one way you can do that.

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