Scripture Useful for Church Safety?

Scripture Useful for Even Church Safety
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When 2 Timothy 3:16-17 talks about Scripture thoroughly equipping us for every good work, does it include leaders dealing with safety issues? Is Scripture useful even for church safety and security? To answer that, we’d have to determine what constitutes the “good work” for which Scripture equips up.

Simply put, the “good work” would include any act or deed we do that’s considered upright, honorable, and beneficial.

Is Church Safety a Good Work for Which We’ll Find Scripture Useful?

So, it gets down to whether keeping people safe is a good work. With the intent of protecting people from harm, certainly it’s a beneficial task. With the dual purpose of guarding the glory of God’s name, certainly it’s an honorable cause. And, when done out of and with love for God and people, certainly it’s then an upright process.

Sure we might not think of ranking church safety with other types of good works but it still is a good work. And, we’re told that Scripture is able to thoroughly equip up for “every” good work.

The real question, then, isn’t if Scripture can equip us and empower us to keep our churches safe but how. We’ll consider that in the next post.
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