Everybody Has a Part in Church Growth

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Church Body Grows
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Our church purpose answers the question of “why” we should want to grow. Here we turn our attention to “how” we will grow which ties into the practice of Body Life. Ephesians 4:16 provides God’s blueprint for growth — “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” — Suffice it to say that everybody has a part when it comes to church growth.

You’ll find teaching on this verse on the MinTools.com site. Be encouraged to take time to read through each of the following articles to add into your understanding of how God’s Design for the church to function as a Body relates to church growth.

To Read:

Ephesians 4:16 is just as instrumental to church growth as the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. Check out the article, The Great Commission: Whose Responsibility is It?, where you will read that everybody has a part in fulfilling the Great Commission. (A future post will look at the Great Commission in conjunction with Church Growth so consider subscribing to receive e-mail update of posts.)

4 Key Concepts Related to Everybody’s Part in Church Growth:

1) Everybody needs to do their part in inviting friends and family.

Social networks are vital to church growth. Studies have shown that friends inviting friends and families inviting other family members are the primary ways people tend to come to Christ and/or to a church. The pastoral staff can make a difference, as well as the style of worship, technology, and outreach programs but it really comes down to friends and family.

  • Are you teaching people about their part in growing the church?
  • Are you encouraging members to invite friends and family?

2) Everybody needs to do their part to keep people coming back.

Relationships not only bring people in but also keep them coming back. A church’s friendliness must go beyond greeters, hospitality centers, shaking hands during the service, etc. to true, caring relationships … Body Life at work, living out the one another commands of Scripture. A truly friendly church is a place people feel like they matter, a place they can belong.

To Read: What Makes a Church Friendly?

  • Are you teaching Body Life principles?
  • Are you relying on contrived means of welcoming people or encouraging everyone to reach out?

3) Everybody needs to do their part if you are going to be prepared for church growth.

If you aren’t ready for people when they come, they very likely will not stay long. If their needs are not being met, they will have little motivation to come back.

Pastors or other key ministry leaders can’t do all the ministry of the church. God has gifted believers in various ways so different needs can be met and the Body built up.

To Read: How Ready are We?

  • Are you teaching on spiritual gifts and helping people to identify their part?
  • Are you providing the training, encouragement, and other help needed to get involved?

4) Everybody needs to do their part in coordination with one another.

It takes the coordination of various ministries from the pulpit to the Sunday School or other Bible classes to the church nursery to small groups to every other kind of ministry to form an overall big picture impression of what the church has to offer. Even the little details and behind-the-scenes work, accomplished by those in what we might call the Nuts and Bolts types of ministries, will make a difference. Take time to read the following articles to look at this from different angles:

To Read: Leadership Skill of Coordination
Trying to Make a Good Impression?
Excellence: Is It Really All in the Details?

  • Are you teaching about the importance of the big picture, of how each member and each ministry is a part of a whole?
  • Are you bringing all ministries under the umbrella of your church’s purpose?

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