Trying to Attract People to Your Church by What You Offer?

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Quality programming, facilities, and technology can attract people to your church. Dynamic preachers or leaders with charismatic personalities can draw people in. Spectacular children’s and youth ministries especially appeal to families.

What a church offers can make a difference on people’s impressions about the church and even the Lord. Offering what people want might get them there which then provides opportunity to point them to Jesus.

Yet, a church concerned about Christ-like character has to keep the focus on Christ, lifting Him up, not themselves. A subtle shift can occur in churches where the focus goes from Christ to themselves and what they have to offer. So much time and effort can get consumed with building bigger and better that leaders can soon put less and less attention to nurturing their own walks with the Lord. When that happens, it is so easy for spiritual heart disease to set in — pride, greed, jealousy. Attention gets focused on self and how we look, more than on the Lord.

The problem is not necessarily with the programming, facilities, technology, or personalities. God uses a variety of means to draw people to Himself. And, we should be concerned with the quality of what we do … that we are giving our best to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). But, for Him to get the glory, we need to keep the spotlight on Him.

Avoid that subtle shift from focusing on the Lord to yourself and what you offer as a church by maintaining the following:

Perspective: Programming, facilities, technology, and personalities are merely tools, not the main event or draw. The Lord is!

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Priority: All we do must lead to developing fully devoted followers of Jesus who are growing more and more in love with Him, including what happens in our own lives, not merely numerical growth.

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Presence: Always make what you do about people sensing the presence of the Lord in your midst, not merely a great program, nice building, etc.

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