Church's Power: The Name of the Lord

Jesus prayed to the Father prior to leaving this world saying,
"protect them by the power of your name -- the name you gave me -- so that they may be one as we are one." (Jn. 17:11)

Power in the Name of the Lord

There's power in the name of the Lord because He who holds that name is all-powerful (Ps. 83:18). He releases that power when we ...
  • call on His name (Ps. 80:18; 99:6; 105:1; 116:4, 13, 17)
  • hope in His name (Ps. 52:9)
  • find refuge in His name (Prov. 18:10)
  • trust in His name (Ps. 9:10; 20:7; 33:21)
Order the Steering the Church Toward God's Power Leadership Guide for more about the power derived from knowing His name. This resource also looks at eight other means by which God provides us with His power.

Practical Outworking of Attention to the Name of the Lord in Leadership Practices

The Train Church Leaders Practicum on this site gets practical about how God's name affects our various leadership tasks and responsibilities. Click on links below to learn more.

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