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Building Merely a Tool
Building a Tool

When asked to identify the greatest commandment, Jesus responded that first and foremost we are to love God with all of who we are and second, to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matt. 22:36-40).

Our focus should therefore be to love God and love people.
Church facilities are merely be a tool to help us do that.

If our focus is on LOVING GOD, then we will think about these issues in regard to our church facilities:

  1. Are we honoring God? Does it showcase Him, not us? Are we keeping it attractive, not showy?
  1. Are we being good stewards of what He has given us? Does it reflect His ownership, not ours? Are we keeping it efficient, not consuming of time, energy, and financial resources?

When our focus is on loving God, our motivation changes on the type and size of building we want. We do not need bigger and better facilities to attract people but rather we want people to be attracted to the Lord. We do not rely on these things to motivate or unify our people but rather promote reliance on the Lord.

IF our focus is on LOVING PEOPLE, then we will ask ourselves these questions in regard to our church facilities:

  1. Does it communicate warmth and welcome to all?

We make getting from the parking lot and into and around the building accessible to people who are elderly or disabled, not because of government requirements, but because we love them and want them to be a part.

  1. Does it offer the safety and security needed in today’s world?

We take the necessary precautions, not to avoid lawsuits or liabilities, but because we love children and youth and therefore want to protect them. And we want to give parents a sense of security so they can benefit from classes or services without having to worry about their children.

When our focus is on loving people, our perspective changes on how we do what we do. We do not settle for minimum requirements but go the extra mile in making the facilities the best they can be to accommodate all.

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