Building Projects Benefit from More than One Type of Leader

God has placed within the Body leaders with different spiritual gifts to bring balance.

Different Types of Leaders Benefit Building Projects
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  • Spiritual Gift of Leadership: goal-oriented, visionary type of leaders
  • Spiritual Gift of Administration: task-oriented, administrative type of leaders
  • Spiritual Gift of Pastor: people-oriented, shepherding type of leaders
Building projects would benefit from such a diverse leadership team so as to consider all aspects.

How Different Types of Leaders Benefit Building Projects

Building projects require a large investment of time, money, and effort so it’s important to get it right. What is needed to effectively do ministry now but also for future growth? Each of the types of leaders will bring a different focus. When we pull on these various perspectives in building projects, we tend to arrive at the best plans.

  • Administrative leaders will want to keep it functional to accomplish current ministry.
  • Visionary leaders will want to focus on the future to leave room for growth.
  • Shepherding leaders will want to put the focus on the flock to make sure it’s about ministry, not just having a functional building that makes room for growth.

Whether pulling in people from your own congregation to form a building committee or using a consulting service, make sure to incorporate this kind of balance.

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  1. You have equipping resources that are eye opener, am connected am ready to learn more from you, am pastor simon wafula from kenya

    • Praise God, Pastor Simon Wafula, that God’s truth relates to all of us in every location. May He continue to use these posts to His glory!

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