Spiritual Gifts in Determining Policies

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Spiritual Gifts - God's Empowerment

If spiritual gifts are special divine empowerments, then it only makes sense that we seek out people most appropriately gifted to do specific tasks involved in policy-making. This doesn’t minimize the role of prayer in developing and using policies. But, if people who have the spiritual gifts best suited for the varying aspects are involved, it pulls on God’s power in a different way.

Spiritual Gifts Suited for Determining What Policies are Needed

As a leader you need to be involved in assessing needs and determining what kinds of policies are needed at your church to protect and provide for the health and growth of the Body. You would do well, however, to seek the assistance of people with the following spiritual gifts, particularly if these gifts are not part of your gift mix. (Click on the links for definitions of these gifts.)

The Gift of Discernment

People with the spiritual gift of discernment would be especially suited for policies related to doctrine as they have God’s power at work within them to distinguish truth from error.

The Gift of Knowledge

People with the spiritual gift of knowledge would be especially useful for policies requiring research as they have God’s power at work within them to gather and analyze related data.

The Gift of Wisdom

People with the spiritual gift of wisdom would be especially good for policies dealing with practical issues as they have God’s power at work within them to apply Biblical principles to different situations.

While people with these gifts can be particularly useful in determining what policies should be developed, remember to also seek the input of those directly involved in related ministries regardless of their gifting as they are in the trenches and know the needs.

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