Spiritual Gifts for Writing Policies

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No area of church life is exempt from the need for God’s power to be at work. Finding people with the best spiritual gifts fit for accomplishing specific tasks helps pull on His divine power. Tasks involved in policy making can be divided into determining what policies are needed, writing the policies, and then implementing the policies. In this post we will consider gifting good for writing the policies. In the next post we will look at their implementation. (Click here to subscribe to receive e-mail of new posts.)

Spiritual Gifts Suited for Writing the Policies

Once it is determined what kind of policy is needed, church leaders would do well to seek the assistance of people who can help bring balance into its wording. Look for a variety of people to be involved in reviewing the draft with the following gifts so it is balanced, particularly if you are not gifted in these ways. (Click on the links for definitions of these gifts.)

The Spiritual Gift of Exhortation

People with the gift of exhortation have God’s power to write policies in ways that are practical and encouraging so that they build up rather than tear down.

The Spiritual Gift of Knowledge

People with the gift of knowledge have God’s power to write policies in ways that provide the needed details so the policies are sufficiently comprehensive.

The Spiritual Gift of Teaching

People with the gift of teaching have God’s power to write policies in ways that are systematic so they make sense.

Church policies need to be carefully worded to be accepted and understood. God provides the empowerment, through these various gifts, to write them accordingly.

The Spiritual Gifts of Helps or Service

People with the gifts of helps and/or service have God’s power to take the policies that have been developed and type them into a format to be distributed.

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