Spiritual Gifts Suited for Implementing Policies

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Everybody Has a Part Using Spiritual Gifts

God designed the Church so all its members have a part.

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We’ve already noted how people with the spiritual gifts of discernment, knowledge, and/or wisdom can find a part in determining what polices are needed. We’ve considered how people with the gifts of exhortation, knowledge, teaching, helps, and/or service could all have a part in the writing of the policies. Now we want to turn our attention to who will have a part in their implementation.

Spiritual Gifts Suited for Implementing Church Policies

Leaders of all ministries, regardless of their gifting, will obviously have a part in enforcing policies that affect their sphere of ministry. But, there is a spiritual gift that will particularly thrive in the implementation of church policies. (Click on the link below for a definition of this gift.)

The Spiritual Gift of Administration

People with the gift of administration have God’s power to take something already developed and plan, organize, and supervise others for its effective implementation.

Not all people in positions of leadership have the spiritual gift of administration. It is important that leaders with the spiritual gifts of leadership and/or pastor, but not administration, seek the assistance of people so gifted to help ensure that they are pulling on God’s power even in the implementation of church policies.

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