Options for Leaders Not Gifted for Doing Staff Evaluations

What’s a leader who doesn’t have the most appropriate spiritual gifts for doing staff evaluations to do?

Most importantly, as mentioned at the end of the previous posts, we need to remember that we do have other sources of God’s power available to us. Let’s make sure we grab hold of those resources. We must pray for the grace needed where we are weak (2 Cor. 12:9). We may need to purposefully work at compensating but we need to be real about it, not fake. God’s grace will help us in that.

Tips for Leaders Without the Spiritual Gifts Best Suited for doing Staff Evaluations

Develop a process for doing staff evaluations that incorporates the basics of life in Christ. Invite others who are more appropriately gifted to help you plan a process that will bring the kind of Christ-like balance, focus, and integrity into it.

Prayerfully deliberate about each staff evaluation well in advance of meeting with the person. Carefully write down what you need to share, asking key questions of yourself to determine where you might need to adjust. If you go into the evaluation spontaneously, without preparation, you just may find it spontaneously combust on you.

Other Options for Leaders Not Gifted for Doing Staff Evaluations

While you could delegate staff evaluations to leaders who are more appropriately gifted, they may not have same background understanding you do as the primary leader in that sphere of ministry. You could instead consider enlisting the help of another leader as a co-evaluator to be there to bridge the gap where you may be lacking. If you do that, take great care to make sure the person being evaluated doesn’t feel ganged up on. It may be best to be honest about why the person is there.

If that doesn’t work for your situation, perhaps you can do some consultation with others more appropriately gifted in advance of the evaluation, without betraying privacy issues, to help you see situations better and know the best way to proceed.

Or, maybe you could get people involved only in the areas you most need help. If you haven’t already done so, take time to read which gifts are most appropriate for the different phases at: Best Person to Do Staff Evaluations?

However you do it, take great pains to keep above board (2 Cor. 8:21). Be transparent. Gain permissions where needed from the person being evaluated if you’re going to consult someone else. When you do get others involved in the process, stress confidentiality — no gossiping, no taking it on themselves to deal with issues, etc.

While pursuing these options might seem to be more time consuming and take greater effort, remember that staff evaluations aren’t just something to check off our ‘To Do’ list. When done with the basics of life in Christ as the guide, we have a higher purpose that makes doing them right worthwhile.

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