Staff Evaluations: Yikes?

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Church Leadership Basics: God’s Purpose for the Church

Dread of Staff Evaluations

One of the big issues with staff evaluations is the dread . . . fear of condemnation.


How do we remove the dread that often accompanies staff evaluations?

If you are a church focused on and intentionally living out your purpose to love God and resultantly love others, you should find some relief in this. Why is that? — Because “perfect love drives out fear” (1 Jn. 4:18).  Notice that this verse doesn’t indicate there will never be fear. People are accustom to evaluations in the workplace and so no matter how well you communicate they still might come with some skepticism and fear. However, if truly loving as God loves (agape), the fear should soon be dispelled.

Here are some questions about laying the groundwork for staff evaluations in ways that minimize or drive out fear:

  1. Do you have regularly scheduled staff evaluations?
  1. Do you have a clearly defined purpose for staff evaluations that is rooted in love for God and people?
  1. Do staff members (paid and volunteer) know that they are loved, that they matter, that you aren’t just using their service but truly care about them as people?
  1. Do you provide a healthy accountability throughout the year?

The Steering the Church Toward God’s Purposes Leadership Guide briefly expounds on the importance of each of the above questions.

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